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Cite Citation. Permissions Icon Permissions. Captain America says that now this Leviathon Mother is coming to Earth and that their only hope is an year old kid. The parents worry, but Sam tells them that they will protect Kei. In the room, Lunella and Kei are mad that they were not included in the conversation and that Lunella feels bad that Devil is alone in some hangar.

Kei asks if he could summon him, but Lunella denies it and states that she knows stuff and that they should listen to her. She tells him about her translation machine and that something big is coming. Outside the planet, monsters tell a mysterious being about the heroes' attempts to stop it from destroying the planet. The being says no, and says to send all of the monsters at Earth.

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In New York City , superheroes and Goliathons join forces to fend off the Leviathons , working together in unity. At the Baxter Building , Kei Kawade is using the resources of Parker Industries to keep an eye on the situation on a global scale, using his powers on a drawing tablet to help the situation.

The young kid feels the pressure of the situation, but Medusa , Karnak and Moon Girl try to comfort him. Through their screeches, the Leviathons announce the destruction of the Earth. Back at the Baxter Building, Kei expresses his discomfort with sending out the Goliathons he summons to fight on his behalf while he's safe and sound.

Elsa Bloodstone clarifies that might not be the case. In another section of the facilities, a group of heroes including Wolverine and Spider-Man remain on guard to protect Kei. Using his powers, Kei relocates the monsters across the globe as the situation deems it necessary: After defeating a Leviathon in Wakanda , Rommbu is teleported to Texas to assist the Guardians of the Galaxy ; once the Leviathons are subdued in Shanghai , Monstrom is taken to Louisiana to help Old Man Logan ; and in Hell's Kitchen , the Heroes for Hire receive assistance from Fin Fang Foom.

Unfortunately, the building is crashed by a Leviathon which disrupts all the preparations for an evacuation spell.

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At the Baxter Building, Kei has hit a brick wall, having run out of monsters to summon. Moon Girl brings him his notebook, and suggests him to work on some unfinished drawings. However, Kei rejects the idea, arguing that those wouldn't work as they're monsters he himself had come up with, which piques Lunella's interest. The Leviathon Servitors soon lay siege to the Baxter Building, with the heroes in the first line of defense being barely able to slow them down.

Spider-Man and Moon Girl escape with Kei and his parents while the rest of the heroes hold the line. They find themselves in front of a sealed door with no access codes at hand.

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Lunella works on rerouting the locks while Spider-Man fends more Servitors and Kei summons Devil Dinosaur to help out. Outside, the heroes notice how the Baxter Building has been targeted. Before they can mobilize to help, green lightning sparks across the sky, and a thunderous sound follows which heralds the arrival of the Leviathon Mother herself. The Avengers , the Champions and the Goliathons lay defeated on the streets of New York at the feet of the Leviathon Mother , who proceeds to call out the young Inhuman summoner Kei Kawade.

Fin Fang Foom approaches the Leviathon Mother and challenges her.

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Kei manages to understand the Leviathon Mother's message, but feels unsure about what to do. One final Servitor appears to attack Kei, and Elsa Bloodstone blasts it away with her shotgun. Kei's dad tries to console his son with one of his usual proverbs, but Kei turns him down, but apologizes quickly afterwards for his nerves. When Kid Kaiju dismays at his lack of options left, Moon Girl suggests he tries summoning the monsters in his unfinished drawings, even though he insists they're not real. When Moon Girl and Kei's parents suggest he fled, Kei states it's his responsibility to confront her, because even if he's scared, the Leviathon Mother will destroy the Earth unless she's stopped.

Kei approaches the Leviathon Mother. He catches her attention and she spits out Fin Fang Foom. She tries to taunt him, but Kid Kaiju focuses on his notebook, eventually finishing his drawings and bringing six new monsters into existence: Slizzik , Hi-Vo , Aegis , Fireclaw , Scragg , and Mekara. These new monsters manage to hold their own against the Leviathon Mother, getting close to subduing her with the help of Fin Fang Foom. Right after Kei proclaims in relief that they're winning, the Leviathon Mother pierces through Fireclaw with her claws, killing him.

Fireclaw's death if felt by Kei, causing him to suffer a nosebleed.

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Without Fireclaw calling the shots, the monsters begin to struggle to fend off the Leviathon Mother. She continues to plummet Kei's creations, and Elsa tries to get him to escape. He refuses, pressing his pencil determinedly on his notebook. Using his powers, Kid Kaiju manages to combine himself and all of his monsters into one single being, Smasher. The merged monsters quickly turn the tide of the battle to Earth's favor, rapidly striking at the Leviathon Mother again and again, causing her Leviathons to flee the Earth in fear.

She lunges at Smasher, but is fatally struck by Smasher's Shatter Sword. The Leviathon Mother's corpse begins to melt, and Kid Kaiju separates his monsters from each other in order to join the heroes on the ground. Fin Fang Foom and the other Goliathons confront him, and even though he thanks their help, they warn him about summoning them again before teleporting away.

While the heroes and Kei's monster mobilize to help clean up the chaos left by the battle, Maria Hill debriefs Kei, Elsa, the Inhumans and Captain America about the situation, informing them that some of the Leviathons, those that didn't escape, have gone into hiding around the world. When she wonders about what to do with Kei's monsters, he suggest they let them help out. Captain America raises into question Kei's future, suggesting he trained as a hero, he simply asks to go back home. With he help of Inhuman terraformers, an island named Mu is built for Kei, his family and his monsters.

Bloodstone also remains on the island, having been asked to guide and look after Kei. The following were reprinted in the Monsters Unleashed Prelude TPB as background information on characters and monsters featured in the event.