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They are responsible for serving as student advocates, supporting their advisees in school endeavors and helping them to achieve an appropriate balance between academic and extracurricular activities. The program is sensitive to the particular intellectual, social and emotional needs of 13 to year olds as they enter late adolescence. Most of the ninth grade classrooms and the ninth grade office are located in the Ninth Grade Building Hartshorne.

This central location allows the students to maintain closer contact with their teachers, their peers, and their supplies. Other classes are held in Moore Hall and in the Science Center.

AP World History. Edition (ebook)

The academic program encourages integration across the four basic subject areas of English, history, science, and mathematics. Every aspect of the program is required and built into the ninth grade schedule. Each experiential element is an important educational growth experience and extends and enriches the core academic program. The ninth grade Intersession in recent years has traveled to the Florida Keys.

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It is primarily a curriculum-based trip with extensive amounts of community service. Pre-school camping trip: There is a ninth grade camping trip that is a required part of the ninth grade program. This five-day trip occurs in late August. The trip includes hiking, canoeing and whole group activities at Catoctin Quaker Camp. There is no additional fee for this trip.

By following a sensible and effective approach to college guidance and by working together, the college application process can be an exciting and rewarding time. For the student, it is one of the most significant steps toward independence and adulthood.

However, for both parent and student, it can be a period of great uncertainty, anxiety, and sometimes frustration. To facilitate with the college selection process, the School uses the Family Connection , a web-based program by Naviance, to help students and families investigate, research, track, and plan for the college admission process. Courses for juniors and seniors are semester-length courses, except AP courses. English is required during each of the four years of high school.

We explore this theme through the study of different literary genres novels, short stories, essays, drama and poetry. Group discussions are an important component of this course. We focus on developing strong paragraphs and on the process of writing and revising the 5-paragraph essay, personal narratives, poetry, research papers, and play adaptations. Special emphasis is given to the Bible, Greek drama and philosophy, Medieval literature, and to modern variations on the heroic, allegorical, apocalyptic, and utopian forms of the past.

The reading list is chosen to complement the work being done in Western Civilization. Composition instruction is focused on the development of writing skills in exposition, interpretation, and argument. Students will write many essays, including analytical and personal reaction papers. Drama is a creative venture; each student will write a one-act play, perform in-class scenes, and attend two or three plays and write follow-up reviews. Students should be prepared to write several critical essays, to produce creative responses and play dialogue, and to perform in-class scene work.

When appropriate, we will attend professional play productions. Students will also take time to prepare for the Advanced Placement examination in English Literature given in the spring. Students who are eligible for this course should be excellent students in English and have an outstanding work ethic. Also, they will need to be recommended by their previous English teacher and the department head. Second semester picks up where Russian Literature I left off - with the novels of the late s. Students are expected to take both semesters of Russian Literature AP. Students will also take time throughout the year to prepare for the Advanced Placement examination in English Literature given in the spring.

The focus of this course is on those arguments, or rhetoric, at work in classic and contemporary texts. Students will learn to recognize the variety of rhetorical modes and persuasive strategies used in visual and language-based texts, to evaluate the effectiveness of these rhetorical moves, and to master and employ those strategies in their own writing.

Students considering this course should be prepared for frequent and challenging reading and writing assignments, independent reading and research projects, and focused work in refining elements of writing such as organization, clarity, style, and mechanics. In addition, expository prose conveys information and explains things to the reader; it is the kind of prose needed for papers and essay examinations throughout high school and beyond.

The course emphasizes and develops skills in critical reading and academic writing as preparation for college-level composition. In addition, the course explores the relationship between reading and the writing process, distinguishing between revising and editing, and making appropriate grammar choices. Students will begin with a brief study of Sigmund Freud before tackling more modern theorists.

Students will study novels, short stories, and a select number of films. Authors may include Sigmund Freud, B. The psychological texts in the course are challenging, and students should be prepared to tackle difficult primary source material. The course will include frequent theory quizzes and daily class discussion.

Students will also write many essays, including in-class reaction papers, research papers, and analytical papers. Why do certain books become the focus of so much controversy?

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This course will examine books that have been banned or censored and the cultural currents that prompted such a reaction. We hope to better our understanding of the human condition and culture by reading comic works.

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The students will read short stories, novels, plays, autobiographies, letters, diaries, memoirs, and journals. Students will write many essays, including analytical and personal reflection papers. There will also be an opportunity to write a humorous short story or essay. The course will look at the Puritan beginnings of American literature and the influences Puritanism still holds, the Age of Reason in the s and how that age was reflected in the literature of the time, and finally the development of Romanticism and the early s.

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To think that we can get a clear picture of native traditions, values, and practices based on these few texts would be presumptious, but we will try to get a start. We will look at some origin myths, autobiography, poetry, and essays from the hands and voices of Native American writers.

The course teaches students how to write expository prose, to read and analyze critically, and to think constructively. Expository prose also conveys information and explains things to the reader; it is the kind of prose needed for papers and essay examinations throughout high school and beyond. The course emphasizes and develops skills in critical reading and academic writing in preparation for college-level composition. Students will continue to be assigned a variety of formal and informal writing assignments throughout the remainder of the year.


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Grammar and writing conventions will be highly important; students will also explore the ideas and creativity expressed in various samples of literature. Students should be ready to try different forms of writing. Students will begin with a brief introduction to several classical and modern theorists before tackling the course literature. Students will also view films from lauded directors such as Alfred Hitchcock. The course will require students to view one film every one or two weeks, and may require evening viewing outside of class time. The theoretical works in the course are challenging, and students should be prepared to tackle difficult primary source material.

Students will write frequent short and longer papers, including film reviews, analytical papers, and a research paper. In this course, we will investigate the areas of intersection between literature and visual art.

AP World History. 2012-2013 Edition (ebook)

This includes fiction and poetry inspired by art, artwork that responds to literature, graphic novels and illustrated texts, and visual rhetorical arguments. Students will enhance their critical analysis skills in both linguistic and visual modes through interpretive class discussion, presentations, and writing assignments. Possible texts include: Girl with a Pearl Earring, Maus, American Born Chinese, a wealth of short stories and poetry, and classic and contemporary advertisements. This course is recommended for students who are enrolled in Arts and Ideas or who have a particular passion for art.

We hope to gain a better understanding of the human as a social and political animal. Many essays, poems, short stories, and novels will be studied.