Dragon Sea: A Historical Mystery. Buried Treasure. An Adventure Beneath the Waves

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High elves prefer to wear light pastels, blues and greens and violets, and often dwell in homes built into living wood, high in the trees. This subrace resides in painted deserts and petrified forests, preferring a druidic lifestyle.

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They are far taller than most of their kin, with a few reaching almost to eight feet in height. An average weight for a Rockseer is between and pounds, with little gender difference. Rockseers are very pale skinned, and they have no body hair. Head hair is extraordinarily fine, always worn long, with the appearance and texture of exquisitely fine silk. The hair is silver, and eye color is a pale, almost ice-blue.

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They are androgynous in appearance, making it difficult for outsiders to tell males and females apart. Their own history tells that they were cowards at the great battle of Corellon Larethian and Lolth, fleeing the combat and taking refuge far below ground.

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They have no knowledge of surface elves. They know of the Drow and hate them, avoiding them whenever possible. They are extremely seclusive and shun the company of all other races, including the Svirfneblin. The only exception to this are pech , with whom Rockseers sometimes form friendships. The deep elves are found in 's Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Three , but originated in the Night Below boxed set campaign published in In a subplot of Night Below , the player characters can reintroduce the exiled Rockseers to the rest of elvenkind and reconcile them with their god, Corellon Larethian.

Half-elves are the offspring of humans and elves. They look like elves to humans and like humans to elves. Half-Elves have curiosity and ambitions like humans but they have sense for magic and love for nature like their elven parents. Their skin is paler than human skin and they are taller and bigger than elves. Half-Elves have long ears like elves. They live about years. The half-elf appeared as a player character race in the original Player's Handbook From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Races of the Wild. Wizards of the Coast , They are shorter than humans, and not generally as powerful. The Dragon As far as we can figure out, that immunity came from a game-balance issue in the original Chainmail rules, which mostly covered medieval warfare with a fantasy supplement that spawned the game we all play today. Masses of low-cost undead troops were beating up high-cost elf troops, so the 'elves are immune to paralysis' emerged as a balancing factor.

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Inside the urn, there is a pendulum which sends one of the balls from a dragon's mouth and strikes the frog and makes a sound, announcing an earthquake. Ding were ancient Chinese vessels made out of ceramic or bronze that were used in ritual offerings of food to the gods and spirits of the ancestors. Laater, the number of Ding one could own was regulated as they became a symbol of the social status and power of their owner.

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This is a private ship, also called a junk, of a famous Chinese explorer Zheng He. He was a brave mariner, diplomat and fleet admiral who commanded expeditionary voyages in Asia during the Dynasty of Ming. No touching! This is a statue depicting a peach of immortality. There is one of the mightiest Chinese rulers sitting inside of it. These peaches used to be eaten because people have always wanted to become immortal. It's a pity they're not here anymore They are two swords which were named after their makers, a blacksmith couple Gan Jiang and Mo Ye.

They lived during the Spring and Autumn Period of Chinese history. King Helu of Wu ordered to forge them.

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The rest of the story is unsuitable for children so we'll spare you of it This is one bell of the complete ceremonial set of zhong bells. These bells are an ancient Chinese musical instrument. It mostly consisted of a set of bronze bells which could be played melodically with a mallet. The chimes were really popular in the past!

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The Chinese culture really believes that some horses are so quick they could fly in the sky and even catch up with birds. Diggy would appreciate this kind of horse to catch up with his father They were also called "cloud-stepping boots". Made of lotus fibre, these are one of the treasures of the Dragon Kings.

forum2.quizizz.com/invitacin-a-una-boda-bride-mountain-2-miniserie.php According to the legend, the boots were quite special because when worn, the person could step on clouds and actually fly. Really handy. This golden banded staff is a powerful magical item. It belonged to one of the most evil villains of China - Sun Wukong. The staff could change its size, multiply itself and basically defeat anyone who stood against its master. This horned idol has become the basis of the Atlantean research of a certain Dr.