Encyclopedia of Prehistory: Volume 7: South America

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Tattersall, R. Sussman and J. Primates 22 2 : Comments on: Aspects of Neotropical bird speciation during the Cenozoic. In: G.

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CARTA:Violence in Human Evolution:Pleistocene Societies; Violence in Prehistory;Hunter-Gatherers

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Bird, J.

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American Anthropologist 91 2 : A further note on nomenclature in Lemuridae. Ecology and behavior of the Malagasy primates. In: P.

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Seth and S. Seth eds , Perspectives in Primate Biology, vol. The roles of ecological and behavioral observation in species recognition among primates. Comment on "Human fossil history and evolutionary paradigms".

South America

In: M. Hecht ed. Flushing, N. Folia Primatologica 56 1 : Groves and I. Distribution survey of the Malagasy lemurs: request for information and initial report. Primate Conservation 9 for : Field reporting of variation within lemur species.