Masculinities and Hong Kong Cinema

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New York: Newmarket Press, Mike Snider. Eugene Hernandez.

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Celestial Pictures. Press Release. Richard Corliss. Celestial Pictures website. The University of Notre Dame. Poshek Fu, ed. This volume represents the kind of access that these DVD releases now offer to film scholars.

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  • See Chuck Stephens. David Rooney. Gregg Kilday. For a history of Shaw Brothers, see Stephen Teo. London: BFI, Stephanie Chung Po-yin. Teri Chan. Wong Ain-ling. Most of the historical details in this segment of my essay come from this source. Poshek Fu. David Desser. Poshek Fu and David Desser.

    Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Eric Schaefer. Jeffrey Sconce. Deborah Cartmell, I. Hunter, Heidi Kaye, and Imelda Whelehan. London: Pluto Press, Ed Guerrero.

    Jackie Chan to the rescue of Asian men

    Philadelphia: Temple University Press, Singapore served as an important base for Shaw Brothers, with Runme Shaw managing a chain of cinemas in both Singapore and Malaysia, while brother Run Run Shaw controlling the production aspect of their business in Hong Kong. Singapore has an ethnic Chinese majority of about 70 percent in its population make-up, which provided a key market in Southeast Asia for the Shaws.

    Don Gibalevich.

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    Gerald Peary. Susan Fraiman.

    Cool Men and the Second Sex. New York: Columbia University Press, Joshua Mooney.

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    The Mighty Peking Man. Ho Meng-hua. Miramax Home Entertainment. English translations of the dialogue I reference in my essay are taken from the Miramax version. The fact that the Shaw studios had such an efficient production turnaround can be attributed to its extensive use of studio sound stages instead of outdoor filming in many of its films.

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    Therefore, The Mighty Peking Man was one of its privileged exceptions. And you simply cannot ask for anything on the spot, however trivial. Sometimes it borders on the ridiculous.

    Once a director was shooting a street scene and he needed a few dozen eggs. Instead of going to the canteen and get them himself, he had to get them through the procurement department. So the whole crew just waited there for the procurement people to get them those eggs. It is a monistic cycle, with dynasties succeeding one another and sea changing into mulberry field. Buddhism arrived later and introduced the notion of reincarnation, the coming and going of life and world.

    Of course, what we are more familiar with and what we have internalized is the Christian time: a directional time that has a beginning and an end. Paradise, paradise lost, and paradise regained. It gave rise to the so-called modern time—capitalist or modernist—that emphasizes progress, developmentalism, the self-improvement of humanity, and the infinite rise of human society.

    It is also known as linear time, in which the future is imminent and inevitable. Dr Koh viewed about films to conduct his research and says he was strongly supported by his supervisor, Dr Audrey Yue, in the English department. Dr Yue, an expert on Hong Kong cinema, said the research had made a significant contribution to the field.

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