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Klarman said last week in his 17th-floor office close to the Boston Common. And get them to support Democrats in Not two years ago, Mr. Klarman, a registered independent, was the biggest donor to the Republican Party in New England. No longer. Among the many things Donald Trump has upended, one has been Mr. The denunciation of the president and his party in papers like this one has done nothing to change their behavior.

He hopes money will. The F. Klarman is now giving almost exclusively Democrats — and donating far more money than he ever has.

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Klarman shared an early copy with me. For Mr. The investor has been alarmed by Republican attempts at voter suppression, and by a president who demonizes immigrants and suggests that Muslims, Hispanics and blacks are second-class citizens. A Democratic majority, Mr.

If you knew your donation would give your grandchildren a better chance of growing up in one, how much would you contribute? How far? That would put him among the very top Democratic donors. In the past couple of years, Mr. Klarman said, the foundation, which he runs with his wife, Beth, has focused on pro-democracy initiatives, including supporting organizations that protect journalists, combat bigotry and defend L. There are many people who are similarly situated to Seth Klarman — wealthy, hawkish, socially liberal, fiscally conservative types who felt politically homeless long before Mr.

Trump came onto the scene. James Russell : Don't say anything about my fiance's weight. She's sensitive. Paula : You better not be over at no girl's house. Franklin Hatchett : Hell no I ain't at no goddamn girl's house. I'm wanted for muder. I ain't got time to get no pussy.

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Paula : What? Franklin Hatchett : I ain't fucking nobody but you. James Russell : Quite an operation you've got, tell me what is going on here? Franklin Hatchett : I'm a business man, Man, what the fuck you think is going on? James Russell : Cut! You can't use that kind of language on TV.

Franklin Hatchett : What language? What you talkin' 'bout? James Russell : Fuck. Franklin Hatchett : Fuck what?

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James Russell : You cannot say Fuck on television! Franklin Hatchett : Man, fuck that man, you're the one who came down here so don't tell me how to talk. Hurry this up I got shit to do.

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Franklin Hatchett : What you got? Roland : Dodgers tickets, Lakers tickets and Phantom of the Opera tickets. Franklin Hatchett : Phantom of the Opera? Roland : Yeah it's theater, man, you ever been to the theater? Franklin Hatchett : Man what the hell wrong with you, nobody gonna give a damn about no Phantom of the Opera! Roland : Franklin, there's money in culture.

Franklin Hatchett : Let me tell you something, Roland, black people don't wanna see that shit. Now I told you to get me some good shit like Luther Vandross tickets or something. Roland : Luther Vandross ain't culture. Franklin Hatchett : Fuck culture, give me some good shit, man, people are complaining about these fucked up tickets. You're making me look bad, man.

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Franklin Hatchett : This tub wasn't clean you dirty assed white boy! Franklin Hatchett : Hey, man Me and Guy just down here checkin' out some fly rides, mackin' some hoes, and chillin' James Russell : Imagine that It's like a G-Dogg on a fly tip flossin' with the posse, cuttin' in the crib Franklin Hatchett : Just like you did back on the dock, huh?

Mocking laugh I will beat your ass. James Russell : You ain't beatin' shit, homes.

Franklin Hatchett : Whatever man, look I'll hook up the hair, but I ain't touching the earring 'cause I'm still a player! James Russell : Fine! I gotta make a phone call. James Russell : And I don't think there's any hot water left. Franklin Hatchett : What? Punk-ass white boy. This tub better be clean. Franklin Hatchett : Why you always gotta be killing someone, why dont you try loving someone? James Russell : Please do something about that hair of yours. Franklin Hatchett : My 'do is tight.

James Russell : Well every cop in the city is looking for that tight 'do. James Russell : I need this for sweeps week! Franklin Hatchett : Sweeps week? Man fuck sweeps week, my life's on the line and you're talking about a damn broom! Franklin Hatchett : James had a lot of women. Actually, he had all the women. James Russell : All the women, all the guys, I fucked 'em all! Fifteen million dollars? Oh, you gotta cut a brother in on that. Hey, we split it three ways. Seven for me,. Franklin Hatchett : Seven for you,.

Franklin Hatchett : And you, you get whatever's left over 'cause you been tripping ever since I met you.