Seismic Inversion

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It handles a large range of seismic data in dedicated workflows from data conditioning to quantitative property estimation. Key benefits. Fast and user-friendly multi-well wavelet estimation and multi-cube well calibration Lithology prediction from discriminant analysis Inter-bed multiple attenuation during inversion Dedicated trend modeling module for seismic constraints generation.

From seismic attributes to rock properties. Our solutions.

Seismic Inversion – The Best Tool for Reservoir Characterization

Seismic Reservoir Characterization. AVO Seismic Inversion. Quantitative reservoir description and characterization. Contact an Expert. Related Documents. Enables efficient inversion of large data volumes AVO intercept and pseudo-S-wave data are also used in conjunction with prestack waveform inversion PSWI in a hybrid inversion scheme.

An Introduction to Kingdom Seismic Inversion - the Coloured Inversion Module

Produces results: most probable lithology classification, porosity, and saturation All AVO and inversion work is consistent with well log and vertical seismic profile VSP data. The result of inverting a seismic panel into relative acoustic impedance. Notice the tie with the well.

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Related Products. Seismic inversion for underground fractures detection based on effective anisotropy and fluid substitution.

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Gurevich B. Elastic properties of saturated porous rocks with aligned fractures.

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Fluid substitution effects on seismic anisotropy. Hudson J A. Wave speeds and attenuation of elastic waves in material containing cracks. Effective-medium theories for fluidsaturated materials with aligned cracks.

*12222 GSH-SEG Spring Symposium-The Resurgence of Seismic Inversion - Apr 16-17

Liu E, Martinez A. Seismic Fracture Characterization. Jacobian matrix for the inversion of P- and S-wave velocities and its accurate computation method. Martins J L. Elastic impedance in weakly anisotropic media. Mavko G, Bandyopadhyay K.

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Approximate fluid substitution for vertical velocities in weakly anisotropic VTI rocks. The Rock Physics Handbook. Azimuthally anisotropic elastic impedance inversion for fluid indicator driven by rock physics. Pan X, Zhang G. Model parameterization and PP-wave amplitude versus angle and azimuth AVAZ direct inversion for fracture quasiweaknesses in weakly anisotropic elastic media.

Seismic scattering inversion for anisotropy in heterogeneous orthorhombic media in Chinese.

* GSH-SEG Spring Symposium-The Resurgence of Seismic Inversion - Apr

Chin J Geophys, — Google Scholar. Probabilistic seismic inversion for reservoir fracture and petrophysical parameters driven by rockphysics models in Chinese. Azimuthally pre-stack seismic inversion for orthorhombic anisotropy driven by rock physics.