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Kahlil S. Forrester Research, Inc. ISBN: Robert A.

Statistica data mining

ISSN: Springer, Lecture Notes in Co mputer Science, , Vol , pages Yang, W. Lin, H.

Epstein, I. The software used is the well-known state of the art software: Design-Expert a product of Stat-Ease Inc.

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Delegates should have a copy of the latest version of Design-Expert installed on a PC or notebook computer on which they can work the tutorial examples presented during the course. A fully functional version of Design-Expert , valid for 45 days from first use, may be downloaded from the Stat-Ease website at www. Contact Nico Laubscher at telephone or or by e-mail at nfl industat. Aim of the workshop: A one-day workshop on aspects of statistical process control is also available. Quality is an integral part of all manufactured products and services.

Statistical control charts are the basic tools for monitoring the quality of products on a continuous basis. This course covers practically all types of control chart and how to find control limits that can be used as a guideline for the production manager indicating a threat of deteriorating quality.

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Delegates completing this workshop will have the knowledge to assist their quality managers in a substantial way with regard to statistical process control. Each day consists of four sessions of 1. Sessions will be custom-designed depending on your request.

Big Data Preparation with STATISTICA

The Graphics module. The Basic Statistics module.

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Analysis of variance. Multiple regression. Classification analysis. InduStat Pro offers various workshops: Data mining.

EMail: nfl indstat. As with data mining, there are a lot of excellent tools out there.

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They vary tremendously in every way, and each is best for some set of requirements. Overall though, SNN has for some time tended to lead the field on points, with particular strengths for unfamiliar users and those with reporting or team working priorities. This generalization becomes even stronger with the move up from v. Symbiosis with the base product is now much tighter than it used to be, providing an added advantage: Only one other product I know of can provide such complete integration with a larger and more general analytic environment, and arguably nothing can combine both with this degree of process control and response.

Felix Grant is a lecturer and consultant in the United Kingdom. Letters to the editor regarding this article can be sent to letters qualitydigest. For data mining, neural networks and QC tool add-ons, contact StatSoft.