The German Empire 1871-1918

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German Empire

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A People's History of Modern Europe. Karl Peters hurries round east Africa persuading chiefs to accept the German emperor as their protector. Go to Berlin Conference of — in Encyclopedia of Africa 1 ed. Bismarck grants Karl Peters a charter to rule a German protectorate in east Africa. German warships arrive in Zanzibar harbour to persuade the sultan to cede territory to the Kaiser, William I. Germany and Britain define neighbouring spheres of interest in east Africa. The German and British agreement in east Africa creates the present-day boundary between Tanzania and Kenya.

Go to Scramble for Africa in Encyclopedia of Africa 1 ed. Go to Wilhelm II b.

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Germany takes direct control of German East Africa as a protectorate. Britain cedes the tiny island of Heligoland to Germany in return for vast areas of Africa. Germany passes the first of four Fleet Acts, reflecting the determination of Alfred von Tirpitz to build a navy equal to that of Britain. The German general Lothar von Trotha drives Herrero people to slow death in the Kalahari desert. Kaiser Wilhelm II visits Tangier in support of Moroccan independence, causing a diplomatic crisis with the colonial powers France and Britain. The first German submarine, or U-boat, is constructed in a programme to catch up with Britain and France in this area.

Go to Tirpitz, Alfred von b. The German commander in east Africa uses famine as a means of ending the Maji-Maji rising. In direct response to Britain's new Dreadnought , Germany increases the production of battleships.