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So, perhaps it did? This DVD can be purchased as a hard copy or it can be downloaded directly from the Internet, that way sparing you the few days needed for it to arrive by post. Order this Fritztrainer in the ChessBase Shop. Browse and order your Ramirez Fritztrainers here. Not registered yet? The Sniper is a universal opening framework which can be played against all main first white moves - 1.

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Black plays 1…g6, 2…Bg7 and 3…c5 against practically anything! Toggle navigation. Chess News. Ramirez: Artificial Castling in the Benko. I like it! The author Piotr Kaim found that there are still some issues that need to be clarified. Ramirez responds to these and other questions in a short interview. The "Mega" is the database every serious chessplayer needs.

The database contains 7. ChessBase 15 - Mega package Find the right combination! You like this DVD? Are you satisfied with the result? Kg2 Nbd What is the line you like playing most as Black? Topics: Fritztrainer , Pal Benko. Advertising Books, boards, sets: Chess Niggemann. Books, boards, sets: Chess Niggemann. Discussion and Feedback Join the public discussion or submit your feedback to the editors.

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See also. Recently we had shown you one of his most elegant chess problems, composed when he was just fifteen.

The Benko Gambit: Zaitsev Variation

It was a problem that still occupied the nonagenarian. In one line it has a dual, and at Pal's behest we challenged our readers to find a modification to cure that. A large number tried. Today we announce the winner of the competition. He is also known as the composer of some of the finest endgame studies and chess problems we have ever seen. He will be deeply missed.

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Photo Diana Mihajlova. Nf3 d5!? It is a very useful surprise weapon. Let us list the advantages of playing this particular opening: 1 Shock value 2 It is very aggressive. Black can take over the initiative early. Black is basically taking the game to the opponent as early as move two. Not many openings do that! It's a perfect opening for young players and club players to adopt. Let Andrew Martin select a repertoire for you on this 60 mins, which, if used with discretion, will rack up the points.

I am sure that you will enjoy this unusual tour of the Elephant Gambit. Discuss Rules for reader comments User. Bxa6 6. Bg2 d6 8. There have been many games that started like this, but there is not need for Black to allow this, as Winning with the Benko If now White insist on his path: 6. It is more logical to take with the knight, as from a6 it can get to c7 or even mre actively to b4, attacking the d5 pawn. Thus, the bishop on c8 has a chance to choose its route: f5 organizing pressure along the diagonal b1-h7 , b7 pressure upon the outpost on d5 , or to a6 all the same.

The Dynamic Benko Bxa6 in my Review of the same DVD, "The material Ramirez offers is of high quality, but the diligent student should cover at least two areas on his own. First, the reason behind move orders such as 1.

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Bxa6 is not explained the move Bb2 might not appeal to Benko players " I hope this answer your question. I may post a few reference from my review about the Thanks for initiate the discussion. So this has clarified the Bxa6 point?!?!? Lol Check McDonald's book on the Benko - it's possibly the best intro to that opening that I've read so far Still no ChessBase Account? The original name of this opening is the Volga Gambit, but Grandmaster Pal Benko has promoted this opening, found new ideas and published a book about it in , called The Benko Gambit. If White fianchettos both bishops playing g3 and b3 Black can delay capturing the a6 pawn and recapture later with Nxa6!

Then White has trouble to meet the threat of Nb4 pressuring d5 and a2. From then on this superior knight will paralyze White completely as it controls c1,b2,f2,f4 and e5. And the queen gains power putting pressure along the g1-a7 diagonal. On the other hand white can occupy the d4 square with a knight which might penetrate to c6. Nf6-g4 Ne8 or Nd7 The black knights position on f6 has to be improved as it blocks the g7 bishop.

Move it to g4 and then to e5!

Carlsen Crushes the Benko Gambit

After that you can exchange it for the enemy knight on f3 or move it to a vital center square like c4 or d3 if possible. Qa5,Qb6 or Qc7 The Queen should remain at the queenside and might go to b7 to put pressure on the center pawn d5.

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